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Big Heart Big Smile

Big Heart Big Smile Foundation was created in memory of an amazing six-year-old girl, Kaci Edelbrock. Kaci always had a big smile on her face and an even bigger heart. She enjoyed life to the fullest and touched many hearts in her six short years. Kaci passed away in a motorhome accident on September 3, 2018 along with her grandma Lois.

Kaci’s zest for life will never be forgotten. Her memory will live on in the hearts of many. There’s no doubt she would’ve moved mountains. Big Heart Big Smile Foundation will move mountains with her angel wings by our side.

Our mission is to help kids in need where we are able to have an impact. Sponsorship of local youth sports, Kaci’s Big Hugs, Kaci’s Backpack Project, Kaci’s Kindness Cards, Kaci’s Big Toy Give away and the annual award of the Kaci Edelbrock Memorial Scholarship to a Monroe High School senior are just some examples of how we spread smiles.

Big Heart Big Smile has BIG goals and dreams. Kaci’s Big Smile Ranch will be a place that bring smiles to kids who need them the most. This Ranch includes (but is not limited to) farm animals, an events center, playground, and sports fields. The purpose of the Ranch is to give kids experiencing grief or trauma a place of joy, healing, and hope. A place where they are free to smile and enjoy life. Kaci’s memory will live on in each and every smile at Big Smile Ranch. 

Through our fundraisers and donations, we bring smiles to kids who need them the most. Kaci’s Big Heart and Big Smile will live on forever.

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