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Our Team


Joni Edelbrock | Founder & Co-President

Boyd Edelbrock | Founder

Kaci’s parents, Boyd and Joni Edelbrock, founded Big Heart Big Smile Foundation.  Along with their two boys (Kaci’s older brothers) Lane and Kody, they are committed to a journey of giving back and bringing smiles to kids and families in need.  Kaci had a contagious smile and joy for life.  She was born to move mountains and make a difference.  Boyd, Joni, Lane, and Kody want to keep Kaci’s memory alive through helping others. 

Angie Garner | Co-President

Angie was blessed to be Kaci’s aunt. Angie grew up in Monroe and is excited to give back to this amazing community. She has worked with kids for over 30 years and feels so honored to be a part of such an amazing foundation that will bring smiles, laughter and joy to kids and their families. With Kaci’s strong spirit leading the way, she can only imagine what incredible things will happen and how much happiness this foundation will create.

Nanette Kuala | Vice President

Nanette Kuala’s family and the Edelbrock family have been connected for over 12 years, since their kids started playing sports and going to school together. Kaci became like a little sister to the Kuala kids as their families traveled and socialized over the years.  Being a member of Big Heart Big Smile foundation has given Nanette the opportunity to bring Kaci’s contagiously awesome spirit to so many kids in need in our community. 


Kim Bublitz | Treasurer

The Bublitz family, Clint, Kim & Trent, grew close to Kaci and the Edelbrock family by spending endless hours watching youth sports. Kim is so excited to be part of the Big Heart Big Smile Foundation and is devoted to keep Kaci’s memory alive by bringing fun to the youth of Monroe & Snohomish County. She believes is building a stronger sense of community through events and activities that benefit children and their families – all in the name of a very special little girl who deeply touched so many hearts.


Hillary Reilly | Secretary

Hillary Reilly and her family grew up in Monroe and has maintained a friendship with Edelbrock family over many years.   Hillary is honored to be a board member of Big Heart Big Smile Foundation and is committed to keeping Kaci’s memory alive by bringing joy to the youth of our community. She believes that we can bring smiles and happiness through events and activities that benefit children and their families.  Hillary looks forward to all the lives BHBS will touch in the coming years!

Sydney Fee | Board Member

Sydney Fee and her family became close to the Edelbrock family as both Fee boys went to LIttle Montessori and were lucky enough to have Joni as their teacher. Each boy was lucky enough to have Kaci in their class at one point. Sydney passionately believes in preserving Kaci's contagious spirit by actively serving on the board. Sydney brings a heartfelt commitment to her role, working to honor Kaci's legacy and make a positive impact in the community.  Kaci’s spirit will benefit so many students and children in our community and I cannot wait to help make this happen. 

Kristine Niemi | Board Member

More information to come.

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